The Heart of Alcornocales Natural Park

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This is a gorgeous route that begins at the famous Iron Bridge in the town of Los Barrios and leads us to the Almodovar reservoir in Facinas.

This route was built between 1940 and 1943 with the forced labor of Republican prisoners. It crosses the Tiradero valley through one of the most beautiful landscapes of the Alcornocales Park. We begin surrounded by Ash Trees and continue up an almost imperceptible incline, passing through a brushy landscape that hides an important group of Bronze Age caves and natural shelters known as the Caves of Bacinete. Then the trail enters the most humid and densely wooded zone of the park and leads us to the canyons known as Risco Blanco and Arroyo del Tiradero. In the second half of the route we reach the Ojen viewpoint, which is located at the half way mark of what was the Roman Road that linked Algeciras with Cadiz Bays. 

The botany in this area is so exuberant that the Cork Oaks are wrapped in ferns and ivy. Especially curious is the candelabra appearance of the Algerian Oaks, with numerous branches extending from the same point, due to their frequent pruning to provide material for charcoal. 


16,4 km

Highest point

246 m

Elevation gain

228 m




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